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Flanagan Wines

Gifting - Made Easy!



Gift Box

2-bottle (white/red)

2-bottle (reds only)

3-bottle (our signature collection!)

- - -

All gift boxes include wine, a Flanagan wood presentation box, and notecard with your personal message.

WE ARE ABLE TO CUSTOMIZE GIFT BOXES Email to find out full details on customized gift prices and selecting wines outside of the standard packages.

Please be aware that during the summer months we ship the wine separate from the wood box to ensure that the wines are sent with cool-packs and not compromised by warm weather while in transit. Summer shipping rates run a bit higher than the remainder of the year due to shipping 2 packages (one with wine, the other with the box). Summer Solutions rates run from mid-May through mid-October.



Gift Membership

For a year, a lifetime, or a duration of your choice.

Find full details & set up details here. 



Gift Experience

Email for full details and to gift someone special an incredible Flanagan Wines experience.

- - -

FLANAGAN MEMBERS receive the ability to "gift" their tasting benefit to visiting family and friends, without the member having to be in attendance. Advance reservation is required! Please keep in mind we have limited daily reservations available.


Tasting Packs - Upcoming Virtual Events

Our Flanagan virtual events become your private invitation to purchase wines that are not available through our Shop. It's also an incredibly fun way to introduce friends, family, and colleagues to Flanagan Wines!